say yes to no regrets.

hello everyone!

this is it!
i’m saying yes to putting myself out there.
i’m saying yes to try new things.
i’m saying yes to a better version of myself.
and i invite you to come along on this incredible journey with me!

see for so many years of my short life i have held myself back from so many opportunities all because i was too scared to say yes to them. growing up (well mostly in high school) i was very insecure, self-concious and awkward (not in that cute, quirky zoey deschanel way, more in that actual nerd who has no friends way) and i worried way too much about what others were going to think of me if i tried something and wasn’t good at it. so instead i never tried anything.

looking back on my four years in high school i really have a lot of regrets about that time, and almost all of them are because i never put myself out there. but i don’t want to live the rest of my life like that, rather i want to live life to the fullest, seizing every (good) opportunity, and through that discover some of the things that i really enjoy and some things that i never knew i was good at or might enjoy.

so what are some things you can expect me to post about?
well there are a few things that i know i love already

– beauty – fashion – hair – DIY – traveling – food –

but i hope as i embark on this journey that not only will i learn more about the things i already love, but that i will discover new hobbies and interests as well as experience new adventures.

i want to invite you to join me as i embark on this new adventure and i encourage you to try something new too!


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