christmas wreath diy

hello everyone,
so it is officially december which means no one is allowed to complain about people decorating for christmas too early anymore.

in the holiday spirit i decided to try my hand at making a christmas wreath. i have never made a wreath before so i was nervous that it would be complicated and hard but let me tell you, it is the EASIEST THING EVER! so for all you people out there who think you’re not crafty, than you have nothing to fear this is the craft project for you!

So first thing you need to do is gather your supplies:
– pine branches (whatever kind you like the best) probably about 2 three foot branches will be plenty (i got waaaaay more than i needed
– wire wreath frame (pick your size)
– cutters (ones that you don’t mind getting sap all over)
– flower wire
– any extras you want to add to decorate, i used pinecones, twine, a christmas card and clothes pins

here are my supplies

my family cuts down a christmas tree every year so this year while we were out i collected some branches to bring home and make the wreath, although i think you can buy them at the store as well.


 my fiance and i during christmas tree shopping

so the first think you’re going to want to do is cut the branches into about 6 inch long pieces, as you can see in the pictures my branches were quite large.

the pile of short pieces was way bigger in person

after all your branches are in smaller pieces attach your wire to your frame, i just tied a little knot onto it and wrapped it around a couple times, it seems to be holding up. then lay a couple branches on your frame and wrap them with the wire, around the stem part making sure you leave some branches sticking out so it has a more “fluffy” appearance.

thats the basic premise, then add some more branches and wrap them, i never cut the wire, i simply kept wrapping around the entire wreath. (once the wreath was finished thats when i cut the wire and tied it off) when you get all the way around make sure you layer some branches over the start of your wreath, you should not be able to tell where the beginning and the end of your wreath is.


i found that i had some empty areas so i (without cutting the wire) went around the wreath and added some extra branches where i felt necessary. then at the end i cut the wire and viola it was finished. I honestly could not believe how easy it was and how nice it turned out.

to spruce it up a bit i added some large pinecones to my wreath, this was done by using some wire and wrapping it around the pinecone, i tried as best as possible to hide the wire in the pinecones so it was not able to be seen.


finally i added a little personal touch by tying some twine across the wreath and hanging an extra christmas card i had with some gold sparkly clothes pins that i had laying around.


here is my finished product. i am honestly amazed at how well it turned out and how simple it was to make.

here’s also a video tutorial i made that you can follow along with!
Christmas Wreath Tutorial

if you guys have made your own wreath comment below and let me know what you did differently or ways that i could improve mine, or what extras you added to yours! If you followed my tutorial let me know how you found the instructions and ways i can improv in the future.


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