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red cafe

hello everyone,

last weekend i went and visited my sister in Niagara Falls. it was so much fun. i got to see her new apartment, make a new video for my youtube channel, visit with an old friend, eat good food and drink good coffee.

friday morning we went for breakfast together with an old friend of ours and her baby. we visited at legit the cutest cafe ever! it’s called paris crepes cafe. and oh my word even just pulling up to it on the street i knew i was excited for this place. the outside of the building is the gorgeous rich red colour making it stick out from all the other store fronts. as we entered there were this floor length drapes across the entrance way that as you parted them and walked in it literally made you feel as though you are walking into another world. the decor of the cafe was all vintage and paris themed. then of course the food was amazing, we all ordered dessert crepes and they were divine (they even had gluten free). and then what topped my experience was that when i ordered coffee that brought me my own personal french press accompanied by the cutest creamer and sugar dish (with sugar cubes).


here is a picture of my sisters and our good friend brittany

it was a lovely experience and i strongly recommend making a stop at this local cafe if you are in the Niagara Falls area.

Ally May


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