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christmas pounds

hello everyone,

so the past couple weeks were filled with so much joy, celebration and of course eating. it just always seems to come with the holidays… so much food. the last week my fiance and i constantly joke about our “christmas pounds” and how we’ve put on a couple pounds since the beginning of the holidays. in reality its probably only a pound or two that has actually been gained but our bodies feel more like ten or fifteen pounds gained.

what is it about the holidays that makes you eat so much more than you normally would? why is it that afterwards you feel like you’re in a food coma for the rest of january? and how on earth do you get yourself out of the food coma?

are we the only ones who go through this?

how do you guys fight the holiday weight gain and post holiday sleepiness?

i love christmas but boy oh boy i think it’s time for a good detox to cleanse out all of that.



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