2016 a year of “i do’s”

hello everyone,

it seems my theme for 2016 is WEDDINGS!

now that the holidays are officially over and we’re all settling into 2016 it’s time to share some exciting news that happened over christmas time!


(kyle and i’s social media announcement)

this past spring kyle proposed to me and so obviously for us weddings are on our brain a lot of the time. and it has been a constant whirlwind of making decisions, emails, phone calls, budgeting and so on.


(my friend asked me using a nail polish in her wedding colour and this adorable pouch)

then to add to our incredible excitement one of my dear friends from college got engaged this fall! and right before christmas she asked me to stand with her and to be one of her bridesmaids. i could not be more honoured and we have grown and learned and changed together she has been a constant steady voice of encouragement in my life and it means the world to be able to help her in one of the biggest moments of her life! and to top it off her wedding is exactly two weeks after ours! so exciting!!


(my sister-in-law ‘popped’ the question using a balloon and glitter)

then to make it even more eventful and exciting kyle’s beautiful sister (my soon to be sister-in-law) jade, got engaged a week before christmas to a man whom she met in australia but ironically enough lives only an hour from where she lives in ontario. and it has been a real pleasure to celebrate with them and get to know dj (her fiance) and spend time together over the holidays. then jade and dj asked both kyle and i to stand in their wedding as bridesmaid and groomsman. and we are so thrilled to be able to share with them, as jade is welcoming me into her family and now i get to celebrate as we welcome dj into the family as well!

so now as i look into 2016 and what it holds for me i see a lot of white EVERYWHERE as it is all about weddings weddings weddings in my life this year! and i cannot be anymore excited!!

are you recently engaged?
comment below and let me know, how did you ask your wedding party to stand with you on your big day?



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