saying goodbye | and hello to long distance

hello everyone,

this week was a hard one for me personally. kyle is in his last semester of college and is doing a practical placement for the next four months to complete his degree. which is awesome and exciting and i am super pumped for him.

unfortunately his placement is three and a half hours away from where i live. the other day i drove him to london (not england), ontario. and had to say goodbye. i mean not for good, and probably not for too long, as i am sure i’ll go visit. but it was however goodbye for now.

see i’m quite fond of kyle, that is why i’m marrying him, and i really enjoy seeing him face to face and spending time with him, so even though i’m sure i’ll see him in a couple weeks it felt as though i was saying goodbye until april.

and of course now we’re planning a wedding with him away! now some brides might not see this as a problem because their fiance isn’t really involved with the planning. but kyle is special! he loves to be involved and has opinions on everything (which i love, i love that this is something we’re really doing together) it just makes it more difficult to communicate with him away.

anyone else in a long distance relationship? how’s that working out for you? is anyone else out there planning a wedding while being in a long distance relationship?
what are some tips and tricks to helping you feel connected to your partner even when you’re apart?


4 thoughts on “saying goodbye | and hello to long distance

  1. So crazy! I am wedding planning with my 4 hour long distance, Kyle too 🙂 He also is finishing his last busy semester of college and we are getting married in May! I got sad as well thinking that I would only see him a handful of times before our wedding. Isn’t the countdown to no more distance exciting though?! Planning from a distance has been tough, we just make lists of things we definitely want to plan next time we are together, and figure out other things over Skype. 🙂


    1. oh my gosh that is too crazy!
      for real the count down is going!
      may? that is awesome and sooo soon are you in double digits yet? we’re still at 178 days! haha but so nice to be in the 100’s!
      i hope all your planning goes well, i am so excited for you! weddings are just so fun and exciting!


      1. Yes! I came across this and was like, no way! I have to message her! 😉
        How long have you guys been dating/ doing distance?!
        The 100’s are exciting, we are at 115 days, not that anyone is counting, right? 😉
        Have you found a dress yet?!
        Sorry for all the questions, I am excited for you also!! Another long distance bride to be, you understand!! 😉


      2. So Sorry it’s taken me forever to reply! Life got a little crazy there! Kyle and I have been dating for 2.5 years and engaged since last April. Kyle and I met in college so it was nice because then we got to see each other every day. But when i graduated last year we started “long-distance” i say it like that because he lived only an hour away from me so i saw him on weekends. But Just the beginning of January he moved away for his placement for school and we haven’t seen each other since! Although I’m going to visit shortly! And I can’t wait!!

        YES I FOUND THE DRESS!! It’s so beautiful and I’m so excited to share it on here (but not till after the wedding of course, i don’t want kyle to see it yet!)
        115 Days! Thats nothing!! Take a moment and just like have a little dance party to yourself. YOU are going to be a WIFE in 115 days! How crazy is that! Ahh so exciting!! I am soon excited for you!


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