my mantra | “baby steps”

hello everyone,

last week i found myself repeating a phrase over and over. not intentionally, it just seemed to be something that kept coming up. finally i couldn’t ignore it anymore. i figured if i always found myself saying it maybe it meant something. so i paused and reflected on it. finally i realized this phrase i had been saying over and over and over needed to be my mantra, my catchphrase, my goal, my resolution, my … you get the idea… yeah thats it this phrase was my BIG IDEA for 2016. and that was

baby steps.

see it kind of started as a joke for me. i would talk with kyle about my goals for my fitness, and weight-loss and say things like, well i went to the gym today for the first time in three weeks, then kind of laugh and say “baby steps”. or my contract at my last job ended and i was starting to look for a new job and i’d say, i updated my resume finally, baby steps. or even planning my wedding, hey we finally picked our ceremony music, baby steps. after saying it for awhile i realized, baby steps may be a bit of a joke for me, but it’s reality.

when i was little my papa would always say, how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time. (i don’t really understand it, why are we eating an elephant?) it makes no sense, but the concept behind it is essential to anything in life. the only way to accomplish the big things in life is doing it one step at a time.

i want to lose 20 lbs. by my wedding, and yeah going to the gym once doesn’t get me to my goal, but if i do that over and over and over eventually it helps me reach my goal. picking music for our wedding ceremony seems like a small detail but it is all those small details added together that makes the whole day.

so as much as i joke about it that is my motto, my theme if you would, for 2016.

baby steps.


2 thoughts on “my mantra | “baby steps”

  1. I think this is a great post! “baby steps” is a great mantra for so many things. personally I find several small tasks easier to accomplish than looking a huge task simply because I get so overwhelmed. great post 😀


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