sunny days + spanish paella


hello everyone,

today was the most beautiful sunny day here in my little hometown, glencairn. a little colder than i enjoy but so sunny, it feels like spring might be coming soon. in light of this beautiful day i decided to put on a sundress {and a sweater} do my make up and just enjoy the day.

with this beautiful weather, i felt inspired to cook something different today. six years ago i was living in spain for a few months and a meal we ate there regularly was paella {pronounced pie-A-ah}. paella is a traditional spanish meal, it’s a rice dish and is traditionally made with chicken and chorizo {a type of spanish sausage} or seafood. however i decided to make a vegetarian one today as often we eat more meat than is necessary. for the most part you can pretty much toss anything in paella, any meat or vegetables, it’s the seasoning and rice that makes this dish.

now i’ve seen paella made many many times while i was living in spain however i have never made my own so this is a new experience for me. but i love trying new things so i was excited to try this out.

for my paella i followed another bloggers recipe for a vegan paella. however had to adjust it to what i had in the kitchen, {we needed to do some grocery shopping and i was seriously lacking any ingredients, so as per normal had to make this my own} but that is something i love about this dish you really can make it however you want. paella is typically made in a special pan called a paellera, however i do not own one of these, so i just used a deep skillet.

also this is a fairly heavy dish and does not need much else to be eaten with it. i simply made some oven roasted carrots with this recipe here. but would normally suggest pairing with a spring mix salad and a vinaigrette dressing, however i had no lettuce to make a salad with {i know i know i need to pick up some groceries}. all that to say, here you go this is my version of spanish paella, i hope you enjoy!

spanish paella

1             – yellow onion minced
7            – cloves of garlic minced {i know it’s a lot}
1             – tomato diced
5             – stalks of celery chopped
20          – baby carrots sliced in half
1             – red bell pepper diced

8 cups  – chicken broth
4 tsp.   – turmeric
2 tsp.   – paprika
1 tsp.    – ground black pepper
1/2 tsp.- salt
4 TBSP – Olive oil

2 1/2 cups – rice

– in a large deep skillet heat olive oil over medium heat
– add garlic, onions, pepper, celery and carrots, cook until golden brown, and onions are translucent
– add tomato and cook for another 5 minutes
– add rice and cook until it starts to become translucent
– pour the chicken broth into pan, add turmeric, paprika, pepper and salt
– mix all the ingredients together
– cook over medium heat until the rice is tender, add more boiling water {or broth} if needed
–  let sit 5 minutes prior to dishing out.

serves: 8

if you guys have ever made paella, i’d love to hear what you like to add to yours, what meats do you use, what vegetables do you add? do you use other seasonings? i love hearing from you guys, so please comment below and share your version of paella.
if you guys tried out my recipe let me know what you think of it!
love you guys so much,


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