food prep |trying to be more healthy

hello everyone,

i’m back! it’s been awhile!! but i cannot be more excited about life.

a lot has changed since my last post. i got married, moved to a new city, and started a new job. it’s so amazing how life works out!

my husband kyle and i have been talking about some dreams that we have for our lives, and decided we wanted to dream together for our future. so something we dream of is being a healthy active family, and next year run a tough mudder together.

so we’ve been talking about things we need to work on in order for our dreams to be reality. so to be more healthy we need to eat healthy. now to us this can seem overwhelming because there are thousands of opinions of what is healthy and what is not. high carb, low carb, high protein, high fat, vegan, paleo, so many versions of what is healthy. so we want to learn more about healthy eating, but i think the main thing we want is to insure we are getting the nutrients we need.

sometimes this is hard, if you have a busy schedule making food and planning meals can be a lot of work. it is so much easier to just through a bagel in the toaster for breakfast, or toss together some pasta for dinner. so we’ve incorporated meal planning into our lives, this also helps with grocery shopping. and doing some meal prep.

this past weekend i posted a video on my youtube channel about 3 meals i prepared ahead of time so I’m going to share those recipes with all of you as well!

keep your eyes on the look out for that!


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