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Magical Christmas Night

hello everyone,

so as most of you would know i married my amazing husband this past july. which makes this year our first christmas married to each other. we actually didn’t live together before we got married, and we have spent every past christmas with our parents so this is the first year i have ever gotten to decorate my own place for christmas.


all that to say that this year I was extra excited for christmas time. i had such an amazing time decorating with kyle, the whole experience was absolutely magical. my sister (who is a photographer) came over and did photos with us to document our first christmas, and for those of you who don’t know im a youtuber so i filmed a video about it as well.

kyle and i started by shopping for our tree and once we brought it home we put on some christmas music and got to it.


finding a tree stand was actually one of the hardest things to find, i didnt want something too bulky which seemed to be all i could find anywhere. in the end i found one from target that was only ten dollars (no complaints there). we also currently do not own a tree skirt (i really want a faux fur one and it’s going to take some convincing to get kyle to allow me to buy one for next year) so instead we used an extra large throw blanket from bed bath and beyond.

dsc_9585to decorate the tree we used globe strings lights rather than traditional christmas lights, we had tons of them from our wedding and wanted to put them to use. we also strung those around our window and bookshelf just to add some warmth to the room. for the ornaments we had a mixture of small gold ones i found at target that only cost five dollars (like seriously why did target have to leave canada??? i miss it so much) and red matte glass ornaments from walmart. the angel on top was a gift from my parents last year as they knew we wouldn’t have any decor this year.


our stockings we found at lowes, kyle works there so i am there all the time and saw some i liked. we had a hard time deciding where to hang them since we do not have a fire place or anything, but finally we decided that about the couch looked nice. we paired them with a garland of sparkly stars above them.


other than that we didn’t do much other decorating, our apartment is pretty small and we don’t have much storage so we didn’t want to buy too much and have no where to keep it after the holidays.

i hope all of you are having an amazing time decorating for your holidays,
and from kyle and i we wish you all the best this season and a happy happy new year!

– a



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