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Our May 30 Day Challenge

hello guys,

it’s been forever since i’ve posted but since i’m in the spirit of challenging myself to things this month i thought blogging may be a good thing to commit to.

i’ve really gotten into vlogging and have enjoyed being able to film my youtube videos but since i’ll be following a lot of recipes this month i thought it may be important to include where my recipes are found and everything too, so i will link all my food that i eat here on this blog.

so if you aren’t following kyle and i on youtube you are probably wondering what on earth i am talking about. well kyle and i have decided to do a 30 day challenge for the month of may. it started with him and a friend simply wanting to get “ripped” for the summer. then unknowingly i asked kyle if he wanted to do some sort of diet/ fitness challenge for the month of may. and so we’ve combined all of this into one large challenge.

so what exactly is this challenge? we are going to be carb cycling for the month of may and working out 5-6 times a week. as well i’ve added a few extra challenges for myself, to do a daily spiritual task, be it reading the bible, worship, prayer, meditation, as well as daily vlogging, and this has also added on blogging seeing as i want people to be able to follow along so i wanted to link all our recipes here.

it’s a big challenge big commitment but it’s only for 30 days i feel like that is attainable, and i have a great support group around me.

so where did all of this come from? well since kyle and i got married 8 months ago i’ve gained 12lbs and i just have felt so frustrated with where my life and my body is at and i decided i needed to do something drastic in order to get me motivated and working towards the life i want to be living. so i came up with the idea to do a month long challenge.

kyle and his friend were planning on doing carb cycling so i decided to join them, counting our macros and working out seemed like a drastic enough plan to me. so here we are. we’ve planned our menu and we’re about to start this journey. i’m excited… also nervous. what if i don’t stick to it. or worse what if i stick to it and nothing changes? what if my body just keeps gaining weight.. but we can’t think like that. positive vibes only. so here we go, here’s to the month where i start living the life i want to, not simply the life that is.

wish me luck,



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