may challenge day one – low carb

hey guys

so this is a day late i know, but between meal prepping, vlogging, blogging and going to the gym… plus my two jobs, yeah it’s a bit much to keep up with ha. but i want to make sure that i have the recipes available for everyone in case they wanted to give carb cycling a go.

so here are the recipes that we ate on our first low-carb day.
breakfast: ham, egg + cheese roll-ups
unch: protein stuffed peppers
inner: zucchini tuna melts

i also added in a protein shake with just powder and 0.5 cup of milk, and a second protein shake with protein powder and black coffee, this bumped my calories and my protein intake and and helped me hit my goals for the day without pushing me over my carb limit.

kyle added a protein shake first thing in the morning that had hemp seed, protein powder, frozen fruit and 0.5 cup of milk, and then had a second one later in the day that was just powder and 0.5 cup of milk. the fruit in the first protein shake however did put him over his carb intake for the day.

so our thoughts from our first low carb day, i was shockingly surprised at how tasty every thing we ate was. i felt very wary of the tuna melts in particular but they surpassed my expectations and even after our 30 day challenge i think that is a recipe kyle and i will continue to use. i found i felt more hungry than normal on this day but drinking the protein shake helped me to control my hungry and curb some of my cravings.

over all it was a great first day we had amazing food, a great work out and we’re excited for the rest of our month!



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